Booked up for a Motorcycle course in April 2008

It’s been a while since I spent money on bike skills, I guess the last amount was payment for my Motorbike Skill for Life package with the IAM and associate Observer’s fees last year. I’ve always lacked a bit of confidence with my slow speed manoeuvring though it comes and goes which I think points the cause to be in my head rather than a lack of skills. When it comes to buying training for slow speed the choice in the UK is rather limited, most concentrate on the important higher speed stuff that is not only the main problem area for casualties but is also a bit more fun and therefore more commercially viable.

I read a good write up in Scotland on Sunday on a course run by a consultancy down in Yorkshire and I’ve been thinking of going on that for a while, I even spoke to my local trainer about doing similar and he was actually all up for me doing the training down South. He travelled to do his Rospa training down in the Birmingham area and enjoyed the experience and different perspective it gave him.

Spring this year was a bit busy with my 10th Anniversary, and getting on with my IAM bike test so when the advance dates came through for 2008 I had a good look at the schedule. This year they’ve recognised that many folks like to do the road courses together, so I’ve booked up to do MC1 and MC3 over the one weekend in April 2008. I’m really looking forward to it, whatever happens I’ll learn something and they get a really good write up on Machine Control.