Back on the Exercise Wagon

I’m not superstitious or believe in fate, but when I got back to the gym (eventually) this morning I didn’t quite realise how many weeks it had been since I was last at Leith Victoria. My progress card’s last entry was the 19th of September, almost immediately after my “I’ve been going to the gym post”.

I don’t think it is Murphy’s or Sod’s law that declares that publicity about anything improves the liklihood of screw up, but shortly after that post I got a cold, it hit my chest, and a few weeks of coughing later I’m just back to the gym this morning.

And of course I was fine, didn’t die or collapse or anything, and I can still see, type and do the other stuff I need to do at work.

Next thing is to get the old R1100RS out for a wee run and get out of my nice comfy air conditioned car.