I’ve been going to the gym

This post is as much for me as it is for you lot, but if you read these posts you may already have that suspicion about many of my posts.

With a switch in my working arrangements back to our offices in Leith, I restarted a regular habit of mine and started going to Leith Victoria every other morning. My plan has been to go three times a week before work, and didn’t post here until I was regular. I started in June and I’ve pretty much managed to keep going. I used to go swimming, but decided their gym would be better for me to get fitter and lose weight. Leith Victoria have a nice wee gym with machines from Life Fitness.

I did the induction session with Tony the gym supervisor, and due to my blood pressure and body fat percentages I’ve been doing solely “cardio” machine work. I’ve got my workout progress card with my programmes to pick, and do 15 minutes on the stationary cycle, 15 minutes on the cross-trainer torture thing, and 15 minutes + 3 minutes cooldown on the treadmill. The programmes all have various themes which I think are interval based, the resistance goes up and down through the 15 minutes.

Had my follow up visit on Wednesday 12th September 2007, and unfortunately I’ve lost the original numbers for body fat etc, but if memory serves me correctly I’ve dropped about 3/4%. The stats for my visit where 198cm tall, 134.Kg weight, 31.2% body fat. Lots of distance to go, but progress none the less.

So confirmed scientifically – I’m tall and fat, but if you make a big deal about it I will sit on you 😛

I’ve now got my new programme, which is tougher, and now adds a bit of rowing machine into the mix too. I’ve been through the new programme a couple of times and managed through ok, even if it is harder.