Colin McRae

I’ve been watching the story about this unfolding on the web. First there was a report of a helicopter crashing near Colin McRae’s house in Lanark, then reports of a helicopter registered to him crashing, then confirmation that Colin McRae, his 5 year old son Johnny, Johnny’s 6 year old pal Ben Porcelli and Colin’s pal Graeme Duncan had all been killed in a crash at 16:05 yesterday (Saturday 16th September 2007). It happened while I was having a wind-buffetted ride home from the Scottish IAM Motorcycle Forum in Perth.

Rallying has always been a big tradition in Scotland, going back to Jim Clark and beyond, and in my lifetime Jimmy McCrae was in his peak in my early teens, then Colin McCrae started up. The RAC Rally, as it was called back then, was one of the big motorsport events that was televised consistently. And I watched while I was in hospital for two weeks during Rally time.

My sympathies go out to the families.

It is a reminder that as drivers, pilots, riders, sometimes things go wrong and it is not only us but our passengers that are effected. BUT!- Whatever you do, don’t hide at home and wrap yourselves in cotton wool, weigh the risks, and act responsibly.