More speed please, I don’t like waiting

I get annoyed when my PC takes longer to boot up, as it has been recently. I wondered if it was to do with the new 2Gb of RAM, perhaps it takes longer to check? I traced the problem though. I’d been lazy and left my MP3 player plugged in to the USB port. Being a small MP3 player, it runs as one of those USB mass storage devices. The delay was part of the new fangled USB boot that these PCs have, it was trying to boot from the MP3 player.

And in the pursuit of DSL happyness I’ve used all sorts of MTU, RWIN and other tweaks to get the best out of my connection. Most recent change involved pulling wires out of the wall, which would normally be a disasterous move for me. Having consulted the diagrams at DSL Zone, I pulled out a couple of wires. This appears to have improved the noise margin on my ADSL statistics, and given me over half a meg of extra download speed. Result!