Eighteenth Ride to Advanced

As you may have understood from recent posts, I’ve put my application in to the IAM for my Advanced Motorcycle test so recent runs have been for polish and a little bit of practice. I was out again this Sunday with Bob, but we had another associate out with us who had her mock test last week and the three of us headed out. From the steadings we headed into town, up through Fairmilehead and up towards Dreghorn barracks. Then through town, then looped around to Westerhailes shops. Then looped back around to the Lanark road, headed along there and cut across to the A71 by the park and ride. Then out to oakbank for a chat. Then back in to town with me in front.

Points to remember for me are rear observations before slowing to a new speed limit. Also I have to remember to make an obvious head check with warning signs at the second stage when I know what the sign is for – you can usually spot warning sign triangles long before you actually know what it is. I’ve got to keep an eye out for other signage too – SLOW on the road, other information etc.

I got the letter through from the IAM on Saturday saying that my info had been passed to the Examiner, and when i phoned them on Friday I found out who the examiner was.