Sixteenth Ride to Advanced

Had a good run yesterday, though the weather closed down at the end it was dry for most of the run. Bob, the observer who normally accompanies me, was out on a mock test with another associate, so I went on a run with Dave.

We headed across town past longstone, near slateford, then over to Corstorphine, the Drumbrae roundabout and stopped just before the top of the hill. Then out on the A90, up the slip road before the bridge, then a short stop, before heading out to Linlithgow.

Points to work on included better observations and not getting sucked into overtakes because of a limit change. I’ve had this a couple of times where I target fixate. Watching out for getting boxed in i.e. to make progress staying out in the right hand lane if there isn’t traffic getting held up is ok. And not to bother too much about getting up to a limit on a Dual Carriageway if there is an big obvious 30 limit approaching 800 yards away.

So overtaking needs work, and keep working on the system.