Workon points from Mock Test

Now that I’m clear of courses at work (for three days in Northleach), the project I am working on for a bank, and then conducting an interview and a night out for a colleague who was leaving, I’m back considering action points in preparation for applying for the IAM Advanced test for a motorcycle.

The action points I got from last Sunday, 29th April 2007 where:

  1. Regarding hazards on the nearside – more room if possible.
  2. Forward Observations and planning need to be improved. E.g. led to poor safety position in Prestonpans (see point 1 above) and taking bends one at a time.
  3. System – Earlier, shoulder and lifesaver checks.
  4. Observations – Further ahead, scan and use to plan better.
  5. Overtaking – plan better, look ahead.
  6. Oops – needs to know system.
  7. Read Highway Code and Roadcraft, please.