Roadcraft references for cornering

I’m due to cover cornering in my EDAM run tomorrow, and I’ve found a section in Roadcraft that bears out my previous post on experimenting with how I sit on the bike.

On page 89 of my edition of Roadcraft (the first impression way back in 1996) it says under “Riding Position and balance”:

“When you are moving, sit in a comfortable position with your body slightly leaning forward. Sit so that you can reach the controls comfortably without locking your arms straight. A slight bend to your arms will prevent the transmission of shock from the handlebars to the rest of your body and the bike”.

In my case it seems that I have to lean a bit more forward than “slightly” but if I work back from having my hands on the bars, bend my arms slightly then the position I adopt comes from there. It certainly works better in practice.