Five things you don’t know about me

Ok Kev, I now respond:

  1. I started off my working career at the age of 16 in a Chartered Accountantancy practice in Glenrothes, with the aim of becoming a certified accountant. I got as far as passing my entrance exam (HNC in Accounting), but balked at the idea of doing 3 years to get ACCA.
  2. I left a full time job in a steady career to start a switch to IT by studying for an HND in Computing, but got waylayed by the chap running the course for HND Applicable Mathematics with computing who looked at my 8 O’Grades and 5 Highers and signed me up to his course.
  3. I didn’t get a Degree because I was skint paying for my car and wanted a job, so with my HND in Applicable Mathematics with computing in hand, I got a job with an IT company in Glenrothes instead of articulating to Dundee University like the other three guys in my class to get a Degree. And then got a bit of a fright when they bought an IT company in Livingston and told me my job had moved, and by the way, I should really move too.
  4. I have two teenage kids, a boy who is 18, and a girl who is 16. They came as a package when I married Rona just under 10 years ago, they were a bit younger then, but so was I. They are all top people, and amongst other things have inherited my wit, (lol – no luck people ;)).
  5. I can waggle my ears.