Mini ITX PCs

Meanwhile, while the other work related stuff has been going on, I’ve been putting together the bits for a small form factor pc by scouring eBay for a motherboard, case etc. It is based around the VIA EPIA-5000 motherboard, a fanless design, I’m putting a 2.5 inch laptop drive to it and bought some cheap 512Mb RAM from EBuyer. I’ve got a Morex 3677 case on the way too, which is so small you can’t fit a single pci card in it.

The next bit will be running stuff on it, I’m thinking of building it as a server first, hanging it off one of the ethernet ports on my DG834GPN. I bought this in a moment of desperation the night before I had to be in Yorkshire. I needed to attempt to buy a train ticket from Edinburgh to Yorkshire, but my old router was playing up. As it transpired, it appears it was my new work laptop wifi that was causing my old DG834G some problems. Such is, the new one has nice blue flashy lights.

I’m waiting for this period of windy rainy weather to pass so I can get the RS out again.