Second Ride to Advanced

Thankfully the weather turned out good today, though I was happier with my ride out last week. Today was limited due to holidays etc, and because of that there weren’t enough Observers to do individual rides. So we all had a group run, which is basically a bimble along off somewhere into the country and back.

I must admit to a bit of nervousness, I’m still pretty new to this lark, and I normally ride solo with noone else to bother about. I’ve also got a bit of an aversion to driving with other cars too, bothering about others rather than the drive is too much of a distraction. But, its all about learning, and picking up safe things to do. I kept telling myself to concentrate on my own ride, not to get dragged in to anything I wasn’t happy with.

And the run was fine, it was a lovely day today and a nice run into the borders. There are lovely roads down there, and they’ve even put some signs up for us bikers to remind us not to fall off the road on twisty bits. It showed up weak spots that I know about, I’m not that confident with parking up. I’m hesitant enough in the car, but with bikes all around I’m still looking for car sized spaces! And the run back from Peebles showed up my reticence in overtaking, there were a few safe opportunities, but I’m still trying to tune my speed sense for the bike. The things accellerate so quickly that I let some opportunities go, but all in the name of safety. The main thing is not to crash, making progress can come with training.

I was second from the back on the way home, which meant the Observer at the back was able to see what looked like either a bad connection or my foot resting on the brake. Having checked the bike I think it is the latter, with my big size fourteens I have to tuck them in to avoid clicking the brake switch on. I’ll see if I can consciously stop, otherwise I’ll adjust the pedal down slightly.

I’m itching to get my own Observer and really practice this stuff, hopefully that will get going before the end of the year – my Sunday mornings next year are already committed.