Holiday Biking Stuff

I’ve been relaxing so much during this holiday that I haven’t been out on the bike – how negligent of me.

I have been taking steps to do something about it though. I just received the revised version of “Not the Blue Book” which is a book on advanced motorcycling. The Blue Book is Motorcycle Roadcraft, an HMSO publication on the police¬†system of riding a motorcycle. Dave Jones adds a bit of background to the official book which can be a bit dry at times. If you follow the link to Roadcraft you’ll notice that the book is in fact green, the original versions (pre 1996) had a blue cover.

And I’m in the process of starting the process for the IAM advanced test, I’ve been in touch with the local motorcycle group (Edinburgh and District Advanced Motorcyclists) and I’m waiting for the membership forms to come through. There should be just enough weeks left in the season to do it this year.