MCDBA Lots of progress today

After the damage I did to the Virtual PC that is my domain controller (still booting from a virtual floppy) I’ve made great progress today with another six chapters of my book.

I got organised recently with my employer to devote a day a month over the next couple of months to training, so this was my first today and it made a real difference concentrating on it mid week.

I covered topics from file and print serving, with associated settings and permissions. And thrown in was a bit of IIS, network protocols and finally Terminal Services in its two modes. The flexibility around the topic of printing was impressive, I take that stuff for granted but the driver management and multi-platform client support is great.

Only three chapters to go, then I will do my standard two pronged approach at this stage. I hit the Transcender simulation exams, and more or less at the same time I book the exam to give me a target to aim at.