Windows 2000 Server local and AD users and groups

I’m just past the chapter in my exam book about groups and users, both local and Active Directory. The whole idea of users and groups is an old one for me, so not much new material. What was nice was the reminder of the extra information that Active Directory offers against user accounts, there is a whole pile of tabs to collect extra information that local user accounts don’t even bother with. Led me to reminisce about the old days when I used to hit these things using the early versions of ADSI and that the earlier versions of Microsoft Exchange were the best place to store user information. Oh and that hopping around providers was a necessity to be able to get to certain directory object properties. Windows 2000 really changed that, I guess Windows 2003 is even better.

The coverage of Active Directory is quite limited for this exam, mainly because there is a dedicated exam under the MCSE track that covers it off as a seperate subject.

For myself I’ve populated the Microsoft My Learning, which sits off the newly redesigned Microsoft Learning home page, this is a handy way of listing the exams I’m planning to do, and to list out the free e-learning for sql 2005 that Microsoft are currently offering.