Bobbin goes ping

Noticed something a little unusual when washing the bike after a ride last Sunday, one of the bobbins on the offside front disc was a little bit out of line compared to the others. Taking a proper look at it showed it was looking a lot more worn that the others.

Turns out that the E-Clip that holds it on was missing, as was the washer from the back and it was working its way loose. Drat.

Ordered up a couple to allow for me bodging the job and the parts arrived on Thursday.

Was going to post pictures of the process, then changed my mind when I saw yet another sterling effort over on so didn’t bother as much – although I have a few pics. As it was only one offending bobbin in my case, I left the wheel on the bike and worked to replace it in situ.

The hardest part for me was compressing the small ring round the bobbin, which has two grooves in it. The first takes a small ring (like a piston ring, or a spring – has a small gap) fits into a corresponding groove in the disc and carrier. On a piston you would use a piston ring compressor to compress the piston rings for fitting, I destroyed my initial one and had to use the backup bobbin to fit.

Then there was the matter of getting the e-clip on the back of the bobbin, which was again more of a case of my technique and big fingers. Once placed the clip slides on without two much effort.