Bikey weekend fun

It’s been a couple of weeks since I was out on the Bike, so dispite the rain on Saturday I headed out for a wee run. It was the first time I’ve been out in falling rain, and with my new BMW Helmet, so a couple of new experiences.

The rain wasn’t a problem, but rain all over the visor doesn’t help visibility, but I got used to it. The RS doesn’t have a big screen, so once the speed gets up the drops of water just divide in the air flowing round the helmet. The wet weather wasn’t a major problem either, I just took my time and the clothing and gloves kept the wet stuff in the outer layers away from me.

The System 5 helmet is a good one, and I noticed that the classic turbulence from the standard screen on the R1100RS was lessened with the helmet. They claim to do all sorts of aerodynamic testing at the makers, and it definately seems to be borne out in practice. I only had one drip fall down inside the visor – the shape means that it didn’t actually go down the inside of the visor as much as drop straight onto my nose. It only happened once, so it could have even been when I took the helmet off and put it back on at the Little Chef that the drip worked its way in.

I took a run out to the Little Chef at Dreghorn, had breakfast, and headed back round the bypass, along the A71 and headed out to Bathgate on the A8. I usually loop round the Tesco and past Lothian Motorcycle Training. They had the trainees out in the car park in the rain, which brought back memories of taking my bike lessons in the Autumn of 1995.

The bike was covered in all sorts of muck from the roads. Another feature of the R1100RS is its propensity to get covered in muck. The RS was the first of the so-called “oil-head” BMW twins and with that and the telelever suspension was a trying ground for the restart of the modern BMW flat twins. Thus the idiosyncracies that are so much of the BMW experience are even more pronounced in this particular bike. So the road muck gets all over the timing cover on the front of the engine, on the two downpipes, and all over the exhaust and swing arm at the back.

So I gave it a bit of a clean when I got home. I bought a garden spray to give a low pressure way to wash the bike, and it really does the job with a brush and some motorcycle cleaner. So the bike was all clean and put away before our trip to Fife.