Family Weekend

It occurred to me when reading over my previous post that I managed to completely miss out my wife, Rona. I’ve a deliberate policy of not mentioning the names of my wife and two kids due to hassles they’ve had in the past with their old dad. Sadly, the post makes it sound a bit like it was just me and the kids, and not me with Rona and the kids.

The long weekend has been a good one, and I managed to see everyone in our family over the weekend. I popped in for coffee with my Mum and Dad Laing in Glenrothes on Friday morning, and combined it with a bike ride. On Friday afternoon I took Rona and the two kids to Edinburgh on a lovely sunny, but cold, day and took them all to places they enjoy. Saturday was going to be a quiet one, and my daughter was out with a friend, but Rona and I picked up my son (who had been rained off at the skateboard park) and headed to Kirkcaldy to meet up with my brother, Andrew, and pick up a Ruby Anniversary present for my parents. And I topped that off with a visit to a bike dealer 🙂

Sunday was a very quiet one, but today was visits to Rona’s family in Edinburgh. After a gap of quite a few years, I registered at the same dentist as Rona in Boswall and with my check up today we all visited Rona’s Dad and later my Brother in Law and his family.

So, even though I have a cold and my nose is running, I feel good to have seen everyone, have a blether, smile a lot and see these people that I know and care about.