High Visibility overjacket

Before my “lesson” on Saturday I popped over to arco in Linlithgow. It was the opportunity for a bit of practice, and I was after a dayglo / reflective vest or similar to go over my bike jacket. I’d ordered a quality jacket at the beginning of November, but supply problems meant a refund last week.

In the meantime I ordered a cheap one over the internet, but to my dismay xxl wasn’t big enough 😦

A search around the web found arco, who supply all manner of workwear, from the usual boots and jackets to knee pads and other worky stuff. Nothing that I would normally need driving my desk. And I purchased an xxxl high visibility waistcoat to go over my black bike stuff. It isn’t a guarantee of visibility or that another driver will see me, but it hopefully helps a little. And it is another thing they like for the advanced test.