AlistairL and the art of motorcycle maintenance

Watching the various episodes of American Chopper and A Bike is Born got me back to the olden days when I used to fart about under the bonnet of my MK1 Fiesta.

A project at work a few years ago brought me into contact with Learn Direct Scotland, and I ran a search on motorcycle stuff. This brought up a few courses ranging from training for a licence (already done that) to varying levels of motorcycle maintenance courses.

And there it was, a Leisure course in Motorcycle Maintenance at Motherwell College, the nearest to where I live, though still a 40 minute drive away. Basic repair and maintenance of the main components, nothing about Zen philosophy. Looked good to me. So I send off an email and waited for the reply. No course in September, not enough interest.

Drat, I now have to wait till October with the new prospectus to see if they attempt the course again in January.