Scottish Exam Results incoming

Being in a house with teenagers resident, we have the joys of exam results winging their way from the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

I found their recently technological advancement quite ironic. A few weeks back, they quantified the number of students likely to fail as a result of being caught with their mobiles during exams.Mobile phones should not be in the exam room, fair point.

Then later we have press coverage on their technology pilot to text exam results to pupils.

Young people being what they are these days have their mobiles with them all the time, which means they are a great way of receiving information quickly. Which I guess is why the SQA, with their open government initiatives and accessible efforts will want to pursue this at a greater scope than a pilot.

Take the two stories together and I draw a little amusement from the apparent contradiction. I applaud the idea, I just hope they haven’t failed any of the volunteers on the pilot for having their mobiles with them.