Undocumented interfaces, legacy code, rant

Not my rant, but Spences. Check out post 1 and post 2 for the latest.

I have my sympathies with him here. Having worked for Microsoft Partner orgs, I’ve worked with a lot of devs that start each project by unrolling the current copy of Visual Studio, SQL Server, a bit of IIS and go from there. They might reuse components between projects, you know the components – they are called ADO.

Show some of them an application server and fine, they’ll install it and the documentation set. Then they notice SQL Server as a prerequisite, then they fire up enterprise manager and go straight to the stored procedures. On a bad day they hit the tables direct. On another bad day they fix the stored procs.

MCMS, Commerce Server, Sharepoint they all get it. I guess SMS doesn’t because devs don’t get near that sort of stuff.

Spence calls them codeheads and I agree, I grew away from this early on when I was in application development. Frankly I got fed up taking all the support calls when I was on my new project and the old stuff was hanging around. A bit like kev’s closing comment in Spence’s second post.