G8 Protests in the West End of Edinburgh

I’m glad to say I didn’t see any in person, but they weren’t far away from where I am working at the moment. The police riot vans were zooming around, and there looked like a bit of a stand off in the Torphichen Street / Morrison Street area. Watching the news earlier on Scottish Television showed some demonstrators coralled on Princes Street, somewhere to avoid!

All quite unusual for civilised Edinburgh. And policemen in full riot gear look scary, which I guess is the idea.

I’ve worked in the past for Standard Life and another company in Canning Street Lane, I’m glad I’m not at the moment. I’ll need to see what happens with the Buses too, tonight the First Bus routes from West Lothian were stopping at Chesser, leaving me to try and get from Haymarket to a stop somewhere out on the Calder Road.