Another one, 70-315 passed this time

Just passed 70-315 Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, the first of my c# exams towards my MCSD. Woohoo!

Amazed myself at a half decent pass mark too – they are still sticking back to giving pass marks and section scores and I was more than a hundred over the pass mark (just ;)).

The Que book and the transcenders were helpful, though I felt that the mix of questions was quite different to that of the transcenders in the exam that I took. And as I expected, the exam doesn’t test coding per se, rather the framework elements related to web development. So there was a good amount related to the handling of web forms and the new data handling bits that they head up as ADO.NET.

Now for a brief breather of an evening, then preparations for the windows app exam, 70-316.

Only two c# exams to get, and I’ll be an MCSD .NET to go with my MCSD for Visual Studio 6.0!