Of Rhana Consulting and Jonathan Blair

Ok, I’ll start by declaring that I have no vested interests in the above company and individual. I only know the guy exists because he is an MCP Hero and reads books on the train. The other interesting thing is that Rhana Consulting used to have their business address in the same street as Cedalion used to be in, Maritime Street in Leith.

I’m forging ahead with what I think is my fourth iteration of the Microsoft Developer premier certification title, MCSD.NET and diving in to the excellent technology that is C#. Having a recent look for Mr Blair and Rhana Consulting to add further motivation to my certification momentum drew a blank, in particular their website which used to be at http://www.rhana.co.uk/ has dropped off the internet.

So where have they gone? Have they gone on to bigger and better things? We need to know!