Out and about in Edinburgh

Ouch , almost the weekend and I am posting about last weekend. Being as I hadn’t been to them before, took the family for a look around the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and the Dean Gallery. Spotted minor Scottish Celebrity Stephen Jardine while we were there too.

I obviously need a bit of work on my appreciation. I enjoyed the grounds more than the contents of the galleries themselves. It was interesting to see Warhol stuff in real life, and the comic book style stuff from Lichtenstein. We had enjoyed the portrait work by J.D.Ferguson when up in Perth a few months back, and there were a few examples of his work. A bit more accessible for a heathen like myself. On an academic level, it was good to see rooms of examples of the different artistic movements, even if they aren’t quite my thing.

I’m afraid I need to go a good distance on Paolozzi to even begin to like his stuff. Ho hum.

Chickened out of the walk down to the Water of Leith at the back of the Modern Art gallery, another time perhaps (looked a bit of a climb).