September and SQL Server 2000

It has been a while since my last post, these things are very much of the moment for me and frankly I have to be in the right mood to spout forth – I reckon MartinS must have the personality to blog away all that he does – I take my hat off to him.

On the work front I have been out for a couple of weeks doing some onsite consultancy on Microsoft SQL Server 2000. It has been a real confirmation to me of the real value of proper indexing in giving SQL Server the best opportunity to do its stuff with query plans. Indexes, especially covering indexes used in joins, really boost the response and I saw some massive improvements in performance. Even as a basic rule, make sure the primary keys are there and all the foreign keys carry appropriate indexes too.

I am quite excited at a new objective placed on me at work, amongst other things I have been given a .NET development exam to do before the end of November. I would like to clear SQL Server admin away and will do so, but then on to .NET!