Long Way Round

Ewan Magregor has just completed a round the world trip on a BMW GS motorcycle, with some other chap who I’d never heard of. Well done to them (though they had a support crew). Looking forward to seeing the TV series about it, but I’ll need Satellite television in the UK to see it. Mmmm, decisions decisions.

Minor rant about newspaper coverage again – banner on the front of the print edition of The Scotsman describes it as “his easy rider round-the-world road trip”. Off road bikes, no roads in Mongolia, easy rider ? Groan.

And don’t start me on their so-called computer expert talking about Linux and saying that noone hacks it because it is wonderful and hackers hack Windows because they don’t like Microsoft. I see no need to redress the balance because that would waste all of our time, but needless to say that proper regimes for all parts of your operation are necessary for security, not just Windows.

Just goes to show how far you have to simplify things to reach the mainstream audience. And yes, I probably applied a bit of spin to support my rant – its more fun 🙂