Joel on Software – Back in June

Joel Spolsky is a bloke who used to work in Microsoft, at least I think he did. And he wrote the foreword to a book called In Search of Stupidity, which is actually how I came to know about, buy and read that book – more on that another time.

As well as his day job, Joel has a website that he uses to spout forth from time to time on issues. After a quiet time since April 2004, Joel bounces back with a big post on Microsoft and APIs. An interesting article, and I admit I’m still thinking what I think (if you know what I mean) but quite a comment on .NET, a good bit of controversy on whether anybody is using .NET or SharePoint or any of those server products at all. And a fascinating insight on how to really develop a product that is used by non-techies.

Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done to make IT meet the needs of people who just don’t care about it like we techies do, and that will take a number of years to do.