April is showers, gardens and nothing much

I must admit that I have been struggling a bit with material for the old blog here. I go through periods of gushing to periods when I wonder what to talk about.

I did figure that my latest gadget acquisition might merit a mention – I upgraded my old Orange SPV to the latest version a couple of weeks ago when my annual contract ran its course. I now have the SPV E200 which is quite nice, having got used to the various functions. It seems less prone to freezing like my old one, and I quite like the little changes to the screen design albeit that the basic forms interface has not changed for outlook and the other applications. I am still at the daily changing ring tone stage so not settled down yet.

I have been having a wee internal debate with myself on work postings. The Managing Director at my previous employer trained me up to be very circumspect when it comes to discussing work related matters with anyone not employed ( or perhaps even employed) by the same company as me and I still carry a lot of that around with me. I wonder to myself how the Microsoft guys get on maintaining necessary company confidentiality while still keeping their blogs up to date. I guess they will be running with a set of guidelines, or the blogs will be very much part of the partner management process.

So when I feel comfortable that I am not “giving too much away” I will be rambling away about nonsensical rubbish that does not cause any problems, or re-using material that is in the public domain albeit with my own opinion stuck around it.