Been to the Scottish Motorcycle Show

Just been to the MCN Scottish Motorcycle Show at Ingliston, not too far from where I live. I actually enjoyed it! Took a few measures to help the experience along.

  1. Parked at the car park nearest to the airport, avoiding paying the priviledge to park in a field that you cannot get back out again of without four wheel drive.
  2. Bought our tickets on the gate, having had to queue up with my prepaid tickets last time. What is the point of saving two quid to pay in advance?
  3. Everybody was wrapped up, maybe too much, but a lot easier than moaning cold folks.

Some nice bikes going, and managed to shift most of my reticence at sitting on the bikes.

Best bike for me? Shifted from the Triumph Tiger this year, my wife decided that the one that rode in as we were walking in to the show looks wierd in the area below the half fairing. So the one for us is the BMW K1200RS, big enough for me, low enough for my wife to get on (being that she is around a foot and a half shorter than me) the pillion perch.

I had a bit of fun trying out cruisers for a laugh, sadly the rest of the family said they suited me in a sad kind of way. I must have the black tee shirted fat bloke act down to a tee.

With the new digital camera I have quite a few pictures to post up. They will be posted up to my motorcycle website back at demon.