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SharePoint 2013 post CU says Server Error:

The situation was that I thought I would bring my SharePoint 2013 up to date with the latest cumulative update, at the time of writing December 2013 as we are still waiting for the issue with SP1 to be remedied. So the cumulative update ran through fine and apart from a few complaints in the upgrade file to do with PowerPivot, all was well. So I went in to a demo site and got an empty screen with the following: Server Error: When you click on that link it takes you to an update deployment page for SharePoint Foundation 2010. So...

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Windows 8 x64, Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013

I had an interesting chat with our Internal IT guys today about a strange behaviour found with the mixture of software versions that inevitably happen. In our case our desktop kit can be bang up to date, i.e. Windows 8 and Office 2013 or in our technical division our consultants love to install the latest and greatest, with quite a few looking at Windows 8.1. Our Intranet runs on SharePoint 2010 as space for hosting is limited and there is a little little bit of the cobbler’s children effect when it comes to making the upgrade. Since the combination...

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Life and Work and Windows Mobile 8

I know it breaks the principle of doing everything from one device but I have two windows 8 mobile phones. One is my own Nokia Lumia 920, and my work phone is a Nokia Lumia 820. It does mean carrying two phones but I got my own personal number a few years ago during a period that I didn’t have a work mobile phone and have run with the slight inconvenience of having two with me and the resultant bulk and charging issues. They both synchronise to my work Outlook e-mail, albeit the personal phone is on manual...

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Replacing old Virtual PC / Server additions with ORCA

Over the last six months or so I’ve been assisting on a project to migrate some old software between data centres. The new data centres have Windows 2008 Server R2 and all the matching versions of SQL Server and SharePoint – not the latest versions but up to date when it comes to corporate land. Part of my consulting support has involved regression checks of both source and running software in test environments. With the apps being almost 8 years old the support and test machines are thankfully virtual but date back to Virtual Server time. It’s great having...

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SharePoint 2013 App vs Solution

This is going to be a horrible meta-post, you know the kind that contains little to no original material and points you to other stuff (like your last post I hear you say). I like the idea of a post over on the MCS UK blog on SharePoint 2013 Development (Apps versus Solutions) as it concisely runs through the thought process when considering how to construct your solution in SharePoint 2013. My caveat is the inclusion of Sandboxed solutions. Sandbox solutions will not be available in the next version of SharePoint, and if you agree with what is said...

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Post by Spencer Harbar on Configuring Back Connection Host Names using Group Policy

Ok, a rather long title but I didn’t want to go too far on the paraphrase. If you work with SharePoint I’d recommend a look at the latest blog post by Spence over at Groundhog Day: Configuring Back Connection Host Names using Group Policy . For one thing it is a nice reminder that SharePoint administrators need to understand their infrastructure. Sure we can’t keep all of the detail in our heads, but at least know the roles of the technology and what to use to do what. In this example Group policy is used to implement something on...

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SharePoint 2010 Emerges from NDA

With the start of the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, the much awaited information on SharePoint 2010 is beginning to emerge from NDA. For those SharePoint community members itching to share information there have been a flurry of obviously pre-prepared articles on the changes and improvements we can come to expect. My only caveat at this early stage (the product has yet to reach public beta) is that many of the articles are a bit on the light side, so the depth of material like we have with MOSS 2007 is absent at the moment. Two blogs to...

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That was the week that was

So where do I start? I’m in quite a different working arrangement at the moment, spending the working week in Basingstoke of all places. We’ve getting towards completion a project for the website of a High Street retailer and if you know anything about retail you know that the bulk of their annual sales fall around the Christmas period. I’ve worked on a handful of retail websites in my time, only a handful for a number of reasons. One of them is that there are very few organisations that are big enough to be able to afford to run...

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Passed 70-631 WSS Configuring Today

Yay, passed another Microsoft Exam today, almost a year since I sat my last Microsoft Exam. Today I passed 70-631 Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Configuring. It is an interesting exam, partly because it covers such a broad base, and partly because it was a great reminder for me as to what is included in the “free” download. The exam itself is a broad brush affair, with bits on dns setup, network load balancing, ISA Server, MOM, basically the stuff in the exam outline is covered – so go read it up. I got a pretty good score,...

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London SharePoint User Group Meeting – August 27th

I just got an email through from Nick Swan of the UK SharePoint user group on an interesting event in London at the end of the month. He says: “many of you who are using twitter and reading blogs will have heard of Dux Raymond as he's very involved in the SharePoint community over in the States. In August he is over here for a visit and has kindly agreed to come and present at a user group meeting. As he's traveling such a long way we've decided to give him both sessions! (and the abstracts he sent were...

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