June 2009 Entries
SharePoint SP2 Update

Run on over to the Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog where they have posted an update to the expiration issue with SP2, it is a workaround fix and hopefully a corrected SP2 download will be around in the next 4-6 weeks.

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Sample MOSS 2007 Web Content Management site now available

Andrew Connell, one of the people to follow on SharePoint Web content management, and also the author of the best (ok the only) book on SharePoint Web Content Management, has just posted up a blog post to follow up his excellent presentations at Tech Ed EMEA in November 2008.

I’ve got to get a good dig around in it, but the promise was that it would be a reference site for architecture as well as demos. Go see what Andrew Connell says on Adventureworks.

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Getting my PC Build right with Adobe 64Bit IFilter

I’ve had my Dell Optiplex running Vista 64Bit for over a month now, but I’m still installing bits and bobs and getting the configuration right.

Tonight was the install of the 64 Bit pdf IFilter from Adobe so that search will look inside the pdfs I have already transferred across to my new PC. Although recent releases of Adobe Reader now include this piece of software that allows search to read the text of a pdf, they only include the 32 bit IFilter which will not work with Vista 64 Bit.

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