March 2009 Entries
Understanding Field Controls and Web Parts in SharePoint Server 2007 Publishing Sites

Andrew Connell’s article has finally appeared on MSDN and I’d recommend that you pour over it to understand how to choose and use the appropriate containers for content in Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007.

Understanding Field Controls … on MSDN

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harbars reminds us of the "hidden" costs of sharepoint in the enterprise

You are deploying SharePoint into the Enterprise, so make sure you treat it as an enterprise application. Spence has posted on the 'hidden' costs of SharePoint in the Enterprise. But only hidden if you don't treat it seriously.

And if you get a chance to corner Spence at a SharePoint event in 2009, ask him if Microsoft will be any further forward in giving us a single vendor solution to the issues he raises.

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SQL Data Services features in v1

Check out the blog post over on the SQL Data Services Team Blog - decided that relational tech still had a place to play in the cloud - and one of the big things for me - Visual Studio tools integration..

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Link to a specific bit of a YouTube Video

Matt Cutts shows us how to deeplink to a bit of a YouTube video – nice one :) And check out the comments for other ideas too.

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