Fitted replacement motherboard in my Dell Dimension 5000

Courier duly handed over the replacement motherboard today, and took away the faulty one. The board is marked as refurbished, but looked less dusty than the one that went away.

I took it carefully, putting it in, connecting power only (3 power related connectors) and then fired it up. So far so good. Then memory etc. Beeped away.

Then all the various connectors, and the old and original graphics card. Booted up fine and I checked the BIOS - interestingly the asset tags common to Dell systems where absent. No mention of XP reactivation - woohoo.

Then removed the graphics drivers, rebooted, shut down, pulled the old graphics and added new graphics and sound.

Now running with an Nvidia 7600GT, which replaced a 6600GT.

All hunky dory. I'm really pleased with the service I received from Dell, their online hardware support chat service and the engineer at the other end were both excellent.

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# re: Fitted replacement motherboard in my Dell Dimension 5000
vinod nayee
5/31/2011 12:51 PM
What motherboard did to purchased? My brother and me have Dell Dimension 5000. Last month my bother PC refused to startup into windows and reports disk errors. I put my disk into this PC and it got far as going to login dialog and then locked up.
Last my PC also had same problem. In both out cases the hard drive was corrupted. I hate to throw away the PC, therefore I ma looking towards upgrading the motherboard, but keep everything the same, if possible.

I look forward to you reply.

Kind Regards.
# re: Fitted replacement motherboard in my Dell Dimension 5000
5/31/2011 10:10 PM
Hey Vinod, the motherboard was supplied by Dell as part of their support, so it was an identical replacement.

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