August 2007 Entries
Motorrad Central East (Dalkeith) Not Closing

I got a letter a wee while ago from Motorrad Central in Dalkeith (my local BMW Motorcycle dealer) saying they were going to close. I waited and waited for their website to mention this, only to see a post saying they have changed their mind.

So Motorrad Central East in Dalkeith are staying open, which I think is a good thing, even though the propect of me buying new is never likely to happen.

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Le Weekend

Had a relatively quiet weekend, I'm really looking forward to my upcoming holiday.

On Saturday I popped in to town to assist a bit with some EDAM stuff, so I took the bike in - which was fun :)

And on Sunday I went along to the introductory session for the Autumn course with Edinburgh Advanced Motorists. It was interesting to see the mix in attendees, around 20 with a number of different ages, and a few women too! We had a presentation, a video, a demonstration run in an observer's car, then another final presentation before we got our cheque books out. The run was quite reassuring, I think I should have a good chance of passing this one!

They covered a brief part of the history of the group in Edinburgh, apparently they were formed shortly after the IAM themselves in the late 50's. They are obviously good eggs because they spun off Edinburgh Advanced Motorcyclists (EDAM) a few years back, which now stands firmly on its own two feet.

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