The art of motorcycle maintenance

I'm signed up for a spannering course for motorbikes, having monitored Learn Direct Scotland for the last year, and narrowly missing one course which was cancelled due to lack of interest.

I start the "Know Your Motorcycle" course at Borders College in, wait for it, Galashiels, on Monday. It runs for 10 weeks and the finish will coincide quite nicely with the advanced riding lessons coming in again. It is a bit far away, but is the typically excellent price provided by such establishments.

I've also made enquiries about first aid courses, and the local St Andrews Ambulance seem to do quite a few in the local area. I think I'll wait on that though, want to keep time for MCP exams.

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# Does that mean I am an Artisan?
Alistair Laing
3/26/2007 6:09 PM
# re: The art of motorcycle maintenance
gary smith
2/6/2009 7:27 PM
dear sir i have been trying to get on a motorcycle maintenance course for a while now but cant find anything in night classes ive just read ure ad can you send me some details if the course is still available or am i to late or you can contact me on 077912180745 thanks ,gary .
# re: The art of motorcycle maintenance
3/19/2009 2:23 PM
hi gary, I was a student on the course at borders college so you are best to get in touch with them - they will tell you if there is another soon.

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