Credit Card Fraud

After all the years I've been using and buying stuff off the Internet, I got hit by credit card fraud for the first time today.

Got a call from a company verifying part of my card details, fine I thought and left it at that. Then started thinking, hadn't ordered anything that hadn't been processed in the last few days.

So I called them back and asked a bit more about who the company was and a bit more about the order concerned. Unfortunately I couldn't hear the name of the company - some underwear place according to the nice lady on the phone. As it transpired, someone had my card details, home address and mobile number and had ordered £180 of rollneck T-Shirts. All to be sent to an address in North East London.

Needless to say that has now been cancelled, as has my credit card (new one on the way). I'm now racking my brains to think where the details came from. I can only guess its from some website somewhere, but goodness knows.

posted on Monday, July 26, 2004 8:11 PM Print
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7/29/2004 4:45 PM
Seeing as how the police had the delivery address, are they going to follow it up?
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7/30/2004 10:45 AM
Spoke to the Metropolitan police this morning and the decision will be with the company that the goods were attempted to have been bought from. UK law doesn't have coverage for identity theft, so it is something like obtaining goods by deception that is what applies.

The nice lady from the Met was going to call the number I had for the supplier to see if they wish to proceed.
# Credit Card Fraud
8/23/2004 8:49 AM
# re: Credit Card Fraud
9/6/2004 9:17 AM
Was speaking to someone last night whose son was the victim of cc fraud, so he got a new card, which then in turn was used for fraud. So he cancelled that one too, got a 3rd card which he activated, stuck in a safe and never used... this one was also used for fraud!
Turns out it was someone internal to visa (or mastercard, I forget) cloning cards and using them, seems the police were somewhat grafeful for the smart thinking of not using the card so it could be traced to internal fraud.
# Credit Card Fraud
1/18/2005 11:24 AM

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